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Optical Lenses


Optical lenses are not all the same. Like camera lenses, you get the clarity of image you pay for. Advances in optical engineering mean we can now prescribe smarter, thinner, lighter lenses with wider fields of view for more comfortable driving, reading and screen work.

Tints to control unwanted higher blue end wavelengths of light emitted by our E device screens plus double sided anti-reflection coatings combined with scratch resistant coatings protect the lens surface, improve your screen comfort & safety and night vision clarity. And without lens reflections your spec frames appear optically empty. Your eyes can be seen clearly behind your lenses. With these lens coatings and thinner smarter lens technologies you’ll see better and look your best in specs.

Sydney CBD Optometrist - Optical Lenses

Field of reading vision with standard progressive lenses.

Increased field of reading vision with free form technology progressive lenses.


If you are a Progressive lens wearer, you will see your stand alone computer screen more comfortably if you lower your screen 10cm below eye level when you are seated at your desk.

The most comfortable viewing experience for screen and office work for Progressive lens wearers is to use an extended near focus lens such as Hoya’s Workstyle lens series.

Great relief for aching neck syndrome.