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Watch us on ABC Morning News

What is our addiction to digital devices doing to our eyesight?

Is there anything we can do to protect our inner eye from the damaging high energy blue light emissions?

Your Sydney CBD Optometrist, Narelle Hine talks to ABC Morning news on the pitfalls of modern device usage on our eyes and explains the latest research findings.

Narelle also gives us simple tips on minimising eye strain and other common eyesight complaints caused by exposure to screens.

Hinsight ABC News Interview

Watch us on Today Tonight

Buying glasses has never been quite as inexpensive…or as confusing as it is now.

Today Tonight explores “The Great Optical Illusion” – discount deals on glasses that aren’t really worth looking at. 

Narelle Hine explains the most important aspects to choosing your spectacle lenses.

Unsurprisingly, price is not highest on the list. The well-researched optically engineered optical lens brands are simply not designed to compete on price.

The look and feel of your frames is very important but never overlook the quality of your prescription lens.

Watch now for some very surprising comparisons.